This invention is to reduce the man power and get good yield of sugar cane farming. Ratoon Management Equipment is a composite multifunctional single device.

The machine consist of suction blower with shredder, stubble chopper, antifungal spray with tank, cultivator and fertilizer dispenser with tank. This equipment is trolley type which is coupled on tractor.

Blower sucks sugarcane leaves from the ground to pull in shredder for cutting it into small pieces. Stubble Chopper shave the remaining sugarcane ratoon at particular height. After the shaving the organic antifungal pesticides is sprayed on the sugarcane ratoon and field. Simultaneously the cultivator digs the field and put the fertiliser inside.

Ratoon Management Equipment
(Patent Apln No.201921002917)

Ratoon Management Device In Sugarcane
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