This machine was manufactured to drill into the sugar cane bunch loaded on tractors, trucks etc. The three drills can smoothly drill simultaneous on the top, center and bottom of the sugarcane bunch upto 1.5 mtr and collect around 8 to 10 kgs of samples for testing the sucrose level in the cane, and payment is done to farmers accordingly. The sampling machine has a mobility of upto 40 ft making it flexible to operate. Since at present the payment is done according to the weight, inferior quality canes are also unloaded in the mills.

At present no samplers are used in any sugar mill. The payment is done according to weight of the cane.

Sugarcane Sampler
(Patent Apln No.297700)
This machine is used to drill out 10Kg samples from cane load aboard the vehicle coming to mills, and helps make the samples more transparent and accurate.

Sugar Cane Core Sampler


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