This is an innovative relates to an apparatus which could be used Electricity Generation from Municipal Solid Waste.

Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) is first passed through Magnetic Separator where the metal parts get segregated. Then the MSW is fed to Special purpose shredders where it is shredded into small pieces. Further it is fed into crush for crushing & then to vacuum drier where it gets dried. In the Vacuum Drier even as higher as 80-90% moisture content in the MSW during heavy rainy days also gets reduced to less than 10%. Further the dried MSW is burnt in water tube boilers with a heavy gauge tube wall thickness at a very high temperature and produce high pressure steam. Further this high pressure steam is then fed into turbine and electricity is generated and sold through distribution grid.

Energy Recovery from Municipality Solid Waste
(Patent Apln No.201821020946)

Energy Recovery From Solid Waste



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