This light weight portable device is used for laborers working at high altitude (tower, building etc) the device is attached on to a hook, and the belt is attached to the laborer’s body. The laborer can work upto an area of 10 mtrs comfortably. If the laborer is working at 10 mtrs, and wishes to work at two meters, then all he has to pull himself up and the belt automatically re-winded itself to the desired spot where he wishes to work. In case if the man falls, the device automatically locks itself preventing him from falling.

At present contractors use net, 1 mtr length safety belt which has limited working length, and after working 1 mtr, the person has to unhook himself and hook on a new place to continue the work which is dangerous at that height.

High Altitude Safety Gear
(Patent Apln No.1498/MUM/2007)
This device help laborers working on tall buildings or towers hanging at high altitudes, and provides working mobility up to 10 mtrs

High Altitude Climbing Safety Equipment
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