Senzo group of companies, originally started as Senzo Engineering and Plastic Company in 1981 has grown into a multi functional company comprising of the following :

  • Senzo Engineering Pvt. Ltd. – 1981
  • Senzo Consultancy & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 2010
  • Senzo Engineering and Plastic Company. – 1981
  • Saino Engineering Pvt. Ltd. – 2000
  • Senzo Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd.

The Senzo group has developed an expertise over a period of time to convert customer ideas to manufacturing machines for high productivity and minimum material rejection.

Senzo Engineering. Pvt Ltd. was one of the largest enterprises in the sector of engineering and manufacturing. The company was active in the area of Outdoor Lighting.

Today, Senzo group of companies is one of the most successful and reputed Company in innovative engineering and manufacturing of Sugarcane Sampler and for designing Base Hinged Hydraulic pole and Mast, Lantern Carriage Safety Device, High Altitude Safety Gear, Bagasse Moisture Reducing System, Coconut Tree Climbing Robot, Sugarcane Harvester, Motorised Rubber Tapping Machine, Rescuer from Bore well, Condom Rolling and Packing Machine, Cashew Nut Shell Remover, Sea Wave Power House, Rolling Stock Shunting System, Cane and Bagasse Feed Pusher, Respiratory Rubber Hand Glows, All Waste Fired Burners, Ratoon Shredding Pesticide and Fertilizing and Pneumatic Pressure Driven Alternator.

Industrial Machine Manufacturing Companies

This enviable reputation has been achieved by focusing on the individual needs of customer in each product & services and then applying Senzo Group’s innovative expertise and resources to develop and supply products, that provide long term, long lasting value.

Senzo group is maintaining the high level of quality & reliability of its products; this is due to the emphasis on design and manufacturing of international standard by acquiring some of the best technologies from leading companies in the world, together with technologies developed in its own facilities. Senzo Group of Companies is also equipped with a well maintained design and development department to design and release drawing to manufacture all tailor made products as required by customers.