This system will spin dry the Bagasse / Coir pith.

The Bagasse / Coir Pith come in conveyor will fall into the porous drum. The screw which is fitted to the bottom motor and passes through the porous drum will rotate at a very fast rate and the porous drum, which is fitted in to the upper motor, will rotate at a slower rate. Since the rotation of screw is much faster than the rotation of porous drum, the water present in the coir pith/ Bagasse will spray out of the drum. The water will pass out through the outlet provided at the bottom outside the drum and the dried pith will also pass down through the other out let provided inside the drum.

Bagasse/Coir Pith Drying Machine
(Patent Apln No.3219/MUM/2013)

Bagasse & Coir Pith Dryer Machine
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