Now a days most of the famous condom manufacturing companies are rolling the condom manually. It takes lots of man power and care also. As it is a hygiene product, Skill & Healthy people should need to do the same. To reduce the manpower as well as increasing the production rate the solution is our Innovative Machine that is Condom Testing & Rolling machine.

The Machine Consist of Special S.S. Rotating Drum, Moving PU Wires, Special shape shaft for condom mounting, indexing with help of centre shaft and servo motor. The servo motor rotates the centre shaft very precisely, as a result accurate position is achieved for condom feeding. The moving PU wire brings the condom to the position where an opener is fit. The Condom opener consists of pneumatic cylinder. It helps to open the condom before feeding the shaft.

The special steel shaft enters in the condom. After that it passes through a electronic integrated testing area to detect the pin hole in condom. It tests the condom before rolling. If there is a hole in the condom the device will indicate then pass to rolling section. The rejected condom will automatically separate from the other. Final stage is rolling with the help of roper PU coated rolling belt.

Electronically Integrated Condom Testing & Rolling Machine
(Patent Apln No.201821015575)

Condom Testing Machine


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